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Water Well Boreholes

Nkwe Drilling (Pty) Ltd specialise in the drilling of boreholes for water supply. We serve the agricultural , Industrial and domestic sectors with water borehole drilling services.

Water Survey (Divining)

The first step is for the client to have a specialist conduct a water survey on his or her property. The water surveyor (or water diviner) points out a potential spot where the drilling needs to take place.

Borehole Drilling

After the water survey has taken place, the borehole drilling can proceed at the identified spot.

Once the drilling commences, communication with the client is clear and persists at all time. This way the client is updated in terms of the depth of drilling, costs involved and general geological findings.

Equipping of the borehole

Upon completion of the borehole, the pump installation can be planned.
General factors influencing the size of the pump to be installed will be the following:

  • The clients’ water demand.
  • Depth of the hole.
  • Actual water yield of the borehole

Depending on the geological formation, there should be a borehole rest period before the pump can be installed. The drilling contractor will advise the client accordingly.

Borehole Yield Testing

If the client requires it, a specialised contractor can do an accurate measurement of the water yield of the borehole. After the testing is completed, a certificate indicating that the yield is tested, is provided.

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